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Fan Memories: ELO

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Many thanks to Dawn Atherton, who has shared with us some concert memories, one being ELO. Thanks Dawn!

Dawn shares:

OK, starting chronologically, first up is ELO. I saw them at Bingley Hall in June 1978. I was still at school and too young to drive,so my dad took me and my friend Helen, in the car. Bingley Hall was about an hour and a half’s drive from where we lived. I remember telling someone at school that I was going to Bingley Hall and them telling me that was where they did livestock auctions – Bingley Hall was then forever immortalised in my mind as “that cowshed in a field”.

Helen and I went into the hall, I remember that the seats were the folding type that you typically get in church halls or community centres, not the fixed type you get in today’s arena venues. I don’t recall much of the detail of the concert, except that it was absolutely incredible. I couldn’t believe that a band could sound so good live. I had copies of ELO’s LPs “A New World Record” and “Out Of The Blue” and had played them to death. I was dumbstruck by the quality of the sound and the musicianship and found myself really LISTENING to the music, in awe. We had fairly good seats and got a good view of the band on stage. We wandered out into the night, shaking our heads in amazement at the band we had just seen, I never expected the live versions of the songs I knew so well from my LPs to sound as good live, but they actually sounded better.

My dad had told us that he would stay in the car whilst the concert was going on, however on meeting back up with him I found him with a massive grin on his face. Turns out he had got bored sitting in the car and had gone for a wander round. He bumped into one of the security guards, who let him in – and my dad watched most of the concert from right beside the stage! He has been an ELO fan ever since, and my LPs ended up being played more than ever in the house.

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