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Memories in music

Friday, March 27th, 2009

We all have some memories that involve music, and not just things like remembering facts about our favourite musicians, collecting and playing music, or attending concerts. If you think of your favourite song right now, I’m sure there will be a moment in time connected to it in your memory.   Songs often have little movies of events in our lives that accompany them. If I think about some songs, I can still see a graduation party, getting my driver’s license, a holiday with friends… great stuff! Some memories are sad, but they make up part of my life experience too, and are made easier to bear by the music I love.  Music makes life richer and I appreciate all the musicians whose songs have touched me.

Shortly, Memories in Music will be launching. It is a non-profit social enterprise company set up by music fans. We want to collect and share music memories with other fans, but that is only a part of what we will do.  There’s a big launch party being planned for our first event.  About 400 or so of our friends will be able to attend, and we hope you’ll be among them! Keep an eye on this blog, and the website: It’s not quite ready yet, but almost! There will be many ways you can contribute to Memories in Music, and because the company is a non profit, while you are having fun you’ll know that you are also benefiting musician’s charities and helping people in need.

In the meantime be thinking of your favourite music, and the musicians that created it. If you have special memories in music, we can’t wait to hear from you.

See you with more details soon!