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Be a difference in 2010

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Music fans! Memories in Music is looking for your help to raise money for musician’s charities in 2010. There are a number of ways you can help, and I hope that as many fans as possible will decide to take part this new year.

Fans are often a forgotten element in the music industry. When musicians are awarded for their achievements, the fans don’t usually get invited as guests. Fans are not often quoted for articles in magazines or newspapers about musicians they admire. Fans do have a voice when it comes to sales and voting in certain polls and awards, but not many seek us out to tell our stories and experiences in music. Memories in Music is a chance for you to be heard. We are looking for your stories about concerts, meeting musicians, your photographs, and your memorabilia – tell us what you have, how you started collecting it; tell us a concert experience; donate some memorabilia to the fan collection we are starting. By helping us, you will become part of the legacy of your favourite musicians, and you will benefit charity too. Everyone wins!

Even if you have none of the above, are you a music connoisseur? Do you know your stuff about a particular band or musician? Have an awesome music collection? We’d love to have you share your knowledge by writing an article for our website.

Do you play an instrument? Send us a video and we’ll share it with fans.

Run a fan-based unofficial website? Let us know where it is, how it got started, and we’ll feature it.

Do you have a bit of spare pocket change each month? A dollar a week? 50p a week? How about putting it to a very good use by donating it to the chosen charity of your favourite musician? Our Fanfare project has a great group of Jimmy Page fans contributing monthly to his home in Brazil for abandoned street children, Casa Jimmy, and we are looking for more of his fans to contribute! How about creating a Fanfare group for another musician? Let us know who and we will get the giving going! 50p a week might not seem a lot, but if we get hundreds of fans giving 50p a week, can you imagine what could be done for charity?

I hear a lot of criticism of fans. Some is not justified, but some is. It is noticeable that some fans spend inordinate amounts of time on the web posting frivolous things, and sometimes things that are damaging or embarrassing to musicians. Even if the posts are good, so much of it is only found on highly specified websites of one particular band/style of music, and that is a shame because this limits the influence your knowledge can have on other music fans. If you spend a lot time on the web talking about musicians, why not give a little of that time, or a little of your money to help others? I guarantee you that is the way to be noticed by the musicians you admire. Helping a cause in their honour is a special thing that will make them proud!

Most of what happens in the fan world rarely benefits charity, but it so easily could! Memories in Music is striving to be a place where all types of music fans can come together to benefit musician’s charities and encourage each other to explore new music that maybe they would not have done on their own. When I started this non-profit, I heard a number of people say how much they wanted to do things for charity in honour of their favourite musicians. Many said they were eager to contribute to charity events and exhibits, to help if only they had a place that was dedicated to this purpose. Well, here we are! It’s never been done in quite this way before. I am confident the fans who join us will make the legacy of musicians richer and be a force to help those in need. Besides all that, it’s great fun!

Be a difference in 2010! Visit the website and get involved.