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MIM with Nick Mason

Friday, June 11th, 2010

On Thursday morning my taxi pulled up outside a little nondescript building in London. Up a flight of stairs and I was in a lovely loft studio. No one was there, but it was easy to see I was in the right place – there were several drum kits by the door, and on a bookshelf, copies of a book by Nick Mason.

It was hard to believe I was about to be filmed talking to a Pink Floyd legend, but then Trev and Jon arrived to set up the cameras, and while they did, in he walked. He told me he was in a good mood today when he shook my hand. That’s nice to hear!

I am not a professional interviewer by any means, so really these films are just me, a fan, chatting. I just let the conversation flow as it will. Nick was fun giving me his best Birmingham accent as we started. He actually grew up in London, but when you hear his best Brum talk, you’re in no doubt he’s from there!


We had a nice half an hour talk sitting there amongst the drums. The kit he was sitting behind had just been delivered by Ferrari, and it was huge. It’s the first time I have ever sat behind a drum kit and it’s quite impressive. I don’t know anything about drums, which you will see on the film when it gets posted. Sitting there made me think what it would be like to sit there in front of a huge crowd playing. I could barely see over them! NM310-06-10aw

A lot of the most interesting bits of conversations I’ve had happen when the film stops rolling. I guess because famous people are naturally cautious in interviews (and judging by the way things get taken way out of context or blown out of all proportion it isn’t surprising). While we were taking everything down, he chatted to us about his business and his motor racing and the plans for my company! Cool.

It was a great day, and I even got to have a fan girl moment when I left. I hugged Nick and thanked him for all the joy he’s given me with his music, and he kissed me on the cheek. OK, OK, to all of you now rolling your eyeballs – sorry. But it was a great moment for me. When ever I listen to Pink Floyd from now on, I have this great memory to go along with it. Musicians are special people, and I am having a great time meeting them.

If you’ve got some memories to share, send them in. Fans will definitely enjoy reading them and seeing any photos you have. In the meantime, I will keep sharing mine. If you want to see bigger pictures, go to the MIM Flickr page:

Annie x

Fairport Convention

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

This Thursday I spent the afternoon filming interviews for the upcoming Musicians of the Midlands exhibit in Birmingham. It’s always a lot of fun talking to musicians, but this was even more special because we were invited to film at the home of Fairport Convention’s esteemed violin player, Ric Sanders.

Travelling into the lovely village where Ric lives, I got a bit concerned I may have missed a turn because I didn’t see a house name at first. I am terrible with directions, and I was a bit nervous to travel down this narrow track to the cottage at the end in case I was in the wrong place. I’d have to back out and that looked daunting. Well, there was nothing for it but to check as this was the right street according to Darlene (my sat nav). I knew I was in the right place when Ric appeared in the drive – playing! How awesome to be serenaded a welcome to the house.


It was a ‘picture postcard pretty’ cottage, and because the weather was warm and sunny, Jon filmed us on the porch of a summer house at the bottom of the garden. You couldn’t ask for a more idyllic setting. Ric is awesome and great to talk to – the interview went on for an entire hour but it felt more like five minutes. ric3wmIt is such a privilege to spend time with musicians, and Ric is the type of guy you could happily talk to for a lifetime and never have a dull moment. I’m really grateful to Jon at Scadge Productions for donating his time and all the equipment to film these interviews, especially as all he gets is a meal and has to listen to me endlessly squealing with excitement. Sorry Jon.

I’ve been asking musicians what song they would like fans of the future to hear that they felt represented them best. Ric picked Rose Hip, which I knew from his Still Waters album. Much to my surprise he went to get his violin and played it on the film for me. Gosh… that was just wonderful!


peggy3wmWe then called round at his local pub for a bite to eat (and even more chatting!), and Dave Pegg turned up. We sat outside in the sunshine for a bit and Dave entertained us with his awesome stories – like how he actually made it through the traffic to get on stage in time for his slot at the Bath Festival in 1970 and other cool memories. He’s a lot of fun, always laughing – an instant party in a person! I interviewed him on the porch of the summer house too, and because he brought the item with him that he was loaning for the exhibit, he talked about it on the film. It’s a special bass guitar that was made for him as a birthday gift. He ended his interview by asking, “Can I go to the loo now?” LOL!

So now I have some great new memories to share with fans; and Dave Pegg’s bass guitar, and one of Ric Sander’s violins residing in my bedroom. Running Memories in Music – not just a job, an adventure!

This week there will be another instalment to the adventure. A member of Pink Floyd has granted me a filmed interview in London. That’s very exciting! The projects I am working on with my fellow MIM volunteers are really moving ahead too, and I can’t wait to report on those when I am able. Any music fans out there who want to help, you are welcome! I only ask: 1. That you love music; 2. You respect the musicians in word and deed; and 3. You want to benefit charity. Visit here to see what you can do: There’s nothing like spreading the joy that music brings!!!

Annie x