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Fans who REALLY make a difference

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

I am so happy today. In fact, I am thrilled to pieces! When you are part of something that changes lives, it is a great feeling.

Last year, Memories in Music started Fanfare. It was created for music fans who wanted to do something to truly honour a musician they admire by donating an amount of money each week to support charity. It was open to fans of any musician, and there was no set amount to give, just whatever fans could afford – even 50p a week is a big help to charities. As it turned out, only one musician had fans that were willing to be part of this fledgling project, fans of Jimmy Page. The money was collected to give to Task Brasil’s Casa Jimmy in his honour.

Of Jimmy’s fans I tried to reach, ultimately eight decided to join in with me. I got worried emails from some of the eight saying that we couldn’t possibly make a difference with such a small group, feeling bad that they didn’t have larger amounts to give, or that they couldn’t get other fans to join in, but I was quietly confident it would all be OK. Sure, I wished more fans had decided to help out, but I’ve been to this rodeo before. This was a great opportunity to show how much could be done with just a little.

I am proud to say these eight Jimmy fans have given £615 ($965) towards the care of the children in Rio. £615!! Awesome.

These fans have done something amazing as fans, and they did it with no reward and no admiration from anyone really. Over in Rio though, some poverty-stricken children are going to get their needs met because eight Jimmy Page fans appreciated Jimmy enough to do something truly beneficial. It hasn’t embarrassed/upset/annoyed Jimmy or his family, it isn’t illegal, inappropriate or mean-spirited, it hasn’t glorified the egos of those that should hang their heads in shame, or enriched the coffers of anyone but those in need. FABULOUS! It’s wonderful any way you slice it, and all the money goes straight to Casa Jimmy.

Fanfare is a blessing to musicians, to charities, and ultimately to those who give because it changes you for the better when you reach out and give. So I am wildly happy today!

As we begin our new year of giving I hope more Jimmy fans will join us, and fans of other musicians too. We’ll set up a Fanfare Group for any musician and see that the money goes to a charity they support. Maybe our eight will turn into 18, or 80 or 800… imagine what can be done with 800 people giving 50p a week? Wow. That’s fan power! But we’ll keep on keeping on no matter what. One day these fans will be honoured. I will see to it.

Kevin, Dawn, Cynthia, Maja, Lucia, Kathy, Alexandra and Youko – thanks for joining me in this project. What you have done made a real difference in the world. From my heart, thanks.

Annie x

Memories of the Midlands Exhibit

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Another exhibit has come and gone. They’re all unique and I have enjoyed each of them, challenges and all. This one was the most challenging of the events I’ve organised, but loads of fun!

As an over-view I thought I would give you my exhibit highlights:

* Having tea with Bev Bevan. He’s really great and I kept standing there thinking, ‘Oh, it’s Mr Blue Sky!’ lol
* Meeting local musician John Stain at a road side services and seeing all his lovely memorabilia. To be able to see the actual notebook paper he wrote his single on was special, a real piece of music history.
* Hearing local musician Joe Dignam play the T Rex drum kit at the Gallery during his interview. He said he might be rusty – nothing like! It was great!
* Sitting behind Nick Mason’s stunning drum kit.
* Interviewing Blaze Bayley. He was my favourite interview.
* Sitting outside a lovely pub chatting to Ric Sanders and Dave Pegg.
* Ric playing ‘Rosehip’ for me on the porch of his summerhouse. Gosh that was awesome!
* Coming around the corner of the hotel corridor and running into Carl Palmer – he really was there for me to interview!
* Trevor Burton’s stage clothes! I am such a sucker for 60’s/70’s London stuff.
* When meeting Deb Bonham she pointed at the Jimmy symbol around my neck and picked up her symbol of John that was around her neck – smiles all around!
* Albert Lee playing Country Boy
* Actually navigating Birmingham successfully.
* Meeting my webmaster/artist/advisor Cynthia.
* Looking at the exhibit all set up for the first time
* Meeting some of the great music fans that came to the exhibit. I enjoyed showing them around.
* Doing a couple of radio interviews.
* Walking through a torrential rain storm to a meeting. Soaked to the bone, freezing, shoes squelching – and realising I was so happy working on the exhibit none of it mattered at all.
* Receiving a lovely bottle of champagne and a card on opening night.

There were some low moments. One that springs to mind is the incredibly dumb move of forgetting all about the transport from the venue for removal day. That meant the only last minute van to hire was too small and we ended up driving back and forth loading and unloading for about 13 hours. Yikes.

Some other things didn’t go according to plan, but why dwell on those things? Especially when the best is yet to come – handing over the money to the charities. That makes it all worthwhile. Every time I raise even a penny that I can give in honour of my favourite musician, I am wildly happy. I can’t wait to do it all again! There will be announcements coming soon about the next exhibits and the progress on the Music Heritage Project. If you want to be involved – don’t hesitate! You won’t regret one second you spend raising money for those in need in honour of a musician that brought joy to your life. I promise.

Annie x