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Fanfare – fans making a difference

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I’m very pleased and excited to take on the Fanfare project!  This is such a lovely, straightforward idea and a wonderful way to give back to the musicians who enrich our lives.   In return for the joy and comfort music gives us, we can bring joy and comfort to others.

The idea is very simple:  fans coming together to give money to charities in honor of their favorite musicians.  As individuals, the donations don’t have to be much, just what you can afford.  The important thing is to donate regularly – charities find it helpful to be able to rely on steady donations.  A small trickle of donations easily becomes  a flood when fans join up to give steadily.   Already the members of Fanfare for Jimmy Page have donated nearly $1,000!

Memories in Music wants to expand this idea, and is looking for other fans to help.   Who is your favorite musician?   Who do you want to thank for the joy their music has brought you?  Which charities do they support?  Let us know – we’ll set up a Fanfare group.   If you’re part of a fan mailing list, website or fan club, invite your fellow fans to join you!  Together we can all make a difference.

To join or start a Fanfare List for your favorite musician or band, please write to with “Fanfare” in the subject line, and we’ll be off!

This is fandom in a new light, fans coming together to bring light to others. Come join us!

Cathy takes Fanfare 2011

Monday, November 8th, 2010

The Fanfare programme, where music fans can join together to give to charity in honour of their favourite musicians, is getting a much needed boost by a new volunteer. Cathy Kelty, a supporter of Memories in Music since day one, has stepped forward to become Fanfare manager.

I’m so grateful for her help. With all the irons I have in the fire running Memories in Music, I don’t have the time needed to help the programme grow. We have such amazingly dedicated fans giving to Jimmy Page’s Fanfare, and they deserve more attention. Thanks to Cathy, they are going to get that attention, and she will be able to spread the word far and wide that Fanfare exists so that more fans will have the chance to join in with us.

Fanfare is close to my heart because music became a huge part of my life when I was searching for direction and struggling with life in general. The influence it had on me was profound and meaningful, and I have always been deeply grateful to those who brought it into my life. Sometimes people roll their eyeballs when you say you are grateful to musicians and care about them, but I find that a sad reaction. Why should you not be grateful and care about people who made your life happier? As long as the expression of that gratitude and caring is appropriate, it’s a very good thing. I’m NEVER going to stop expressing my appreciation for music and the musicians who make it. More gratitude and less attitude can only make the world a better place.

My fanfare goals for 2011 would be to add more fans to beat this year’s £615 total, and I would dearly love to see new Fanfare lists for other musicians, especially for another personal favourite of mine, Janis Joplin. I remember sitting in the car one day waiting for my father to come out of a store, and hearing her on the radio. Her voice was so powerful I was instantly affected by it. Here was a musician that could sing the pain and rawness of emotion that I felt but had no idea how to express. I still turn to Janis to release bottled up emotions. Letting songs like ‘Cry Baby’ and ‘To Love Somebody’ sink into my soul is awesome. Just like listening to Jimmy Page play, the effect is instant and dramatic. If there are any Janis fans out there who like the idea of Fanfare, please get in touch.

With a new volunteer at the helm, some new ideas to try out, as well as a new charity to support in honour of Jimmy Page (details coming in the next few weeks), it’s all looking really exciting for 2011. I’m looking forward to it! Thanks Cathy, and thanks to all the Fanfare members, present and future. Like Cathy said in her Fanfare introduction: ‘Let’s make noise!’

Annie x