Happy memories of December 10th

Posted by Annie on December 10, 2010

This date has become one of the most memorable and special of my life. When I woke up this morning, absolutely nothing was going to spoil the joy I felt. The alarm came soooo early, it was cold outside, people were in a rush and pretty grumpy, but me? I was smiling no matter what came my way because all I thought about all day long was walking into the 02 Arena 3 years ago, watching my hero step up on the back step of the stage, strap on his guitar, walk towards me, and play. Off he went, and off I went. I think part of my soul is still floating around in the 02 squealing with joy.

Jimmy Page has always brought me a lot of joy, but I never got to see him play until that moment, over 30 years wait from the day I first heard his amazing magical guitar. It was worth the wait, and besides all the joy, watching Jimmy play at last reinforced a saying you hear all the time: Dreams really do come true. The odds against me being in that arena were huge, but I was there. When Jimmy left the stage and I stood there trying to take it all in, one thing was noticeable – I felt very different. I walked out with a new determination to make my life into what I wanted it to be.

When I look back on the last three years, I see a very new me has emerged. I’ve done things that I never thought possible, and I’ve dumped people, places, and situations that make me unhappy and are filled with negative energy. It feels great. There are still many more things to change, and much more I want to do, but I will do them. ‘All this from seeing one concert?’ I hear people asking. Yep. It didn’t really start there, it started in 1972 when I first heard the music that changed my life. It just continues, and as I get older, the changes get bigger and the impact I can have on the world grows.

Thanks (again) Jimmy, and thanks to everyone that has come along on the journey with me. Whenever I feel a little down, all I have to do is remember December 10th 2007. I’ll be smiling about it for the rest of my life. Woo hoo – let’s go make our dreams come true!!!

Annie x

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4 Responses to “Happy memories of December 10th”

  1. Nech Says:

    God Bless You Annie! It was wonderful being there with you actually watching you squeel with glee!!

    May all your dreams continue to come true!


  2. Annie Says:

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Thanks Nech! I’m glad to have shared the moment with you! And here’s hoping that I didn’t permanently damage your hearing… One day we shall have to have an O2 Alumni Reunion – if your ears can stand it. : )

  3. Caz Says:

    What a night that was! I still can’t believe that I got there! It may be a cliched thing to say but Zep have been the soundtrack of my life and their music is inextricably mixed with events in my life, from the first time I saw them at the Bath Festival 1970, to seeing Robert a few weeks ago and all the other gigs and incarnations in between! After John died I never thought I would hear live Led Zep again. It was a long wait but WELL worth it. I too spent a lot of the day of the 10th in a daze and I am sure that will be an annual event for a LONG time to come! Thanks for all the music and the memories guys xxx

  4. Annie Says:

    Caz – another of the O2 Alumni! Nice to hear from you! What you said is not cliched in any way. The Zep have touched huge numbers of people with their music and it’s great to hear people say just how much it means. We’ve just got to get a party together on the 10th next year, and do something awesome for charity in their honour. They’ve done so much for me I just have to give something back and spread the joy!