December 10th fund?

Posted by Annie on December 12, 2010

I received such a nice response to my blog reminiscing about being at the O2 to see Zep play on December 10th 2007. It was great to open emails and even get a few phone calls saying how much people were touched by my joy. It reminded a lot of them of their own happy memories of Zep’s music. I really love hearing stories of how music affected people’s lives, and because I am very vocal as a fan of Jimmy Page and have events to which people can contribute, I often get to hear these lovely memories.

I cherish the memories of other fans. I didn’t get to see Zeppelin play, and because they were no more while I was still a teen, never thought I would. I had a difficult family life, and the memories that music fans shared with me gave me a lot of much-needed happiness. They made me feel like part of a family and that was very special. I think sometimes people don’t realise that sharing their joy makes a big difference in the world. Jimmy’s music turned a lot of my tears into smiles, and so did his fans when they told me about watching him play and showed me their programmes, badges, posters and photographs. It was wonderful. One day I may write about it because even people who knew me back then have no idea how things were. The power of music to change lives is extraordinary, and I am living proof.

My love of music makes me want to go out and spread the joy it brought me because I remember how it felt to struggle and how much it meant to have help. Led Zeppelin and their fans were my single biggest source of help, so, on this anniversary, I wondered if any Zep fans out there would like to start a December 10 Fund? I thought to put a donation button on my website and collect whatever fans want to give for a year through my company (we’re registered to raise funds in the UK). Next December 10, we will donate the money in honour of the band to a good cause.

I also want to record the reason why fans give, and your name and location, so everyone who drops by can be inspired by your generosity and your story. I thought to make a short list of charities and have those who donate vote for the top two and split the money between them. One charity in the UK, the home of Zep; and one in the US – the place in the world where they are probably the most loved. It’s always true that every time I have occasion to go home to Connecticut, I never fail to hear Led Zeppelin playing in public somewhere – restaurants, shops, clubs… it’s awesome how many fans they have in America.

I really hope this will take off. For all Led Zeppelin and their fans gave to me, I want to give something back to people I know will benefit. Drop me a line if you think this is some thing to which you might give even 50 cents a week, or a one off donation, or even drop in once in while during the year and give your spare change from your wallet that week. If we got even a few hundred of Zep’s fans doing that every year, the December 10 Fund would go down in history!

Tell me what you think – good, bad? Email me at, go visit our Facebook page, or leave a comment here. Over to you…

Annie x

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4 Responses to “December 10th fund?”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    I think it’s a brilliant idea!
    We need to have more fundraising for other bands’ charities, too. How do you find out which charities a band supports?

  2. Annie Says:

    I agree, however so far no other fans have come forward wanting to start a Fanfare Group for another band. December 10th was such an amazing date with so many wanting to see Zeppelin play I was hoping some of the fans might want to do something like this and keep the joy going. We’ve decided to start a few donation lists for other musicians shortly to see if anyone will join in if a band/musician is already represented. Finding out which charities musicians support can be as simple as checking a website if there is one, but in my experience, it can be better to simply choose a charity to donate to in their honour. We’ll try and make it as easy as possible to donate and hopefully fans will respond. There is so much good that can be done if we get numbers of fans donating even very little. Let’s see how we go! The possibilities are so exciting!

  3. Cathy Says:

    I love this idea, too. The concert meant so much to me as a fan even though I was not lucky enough to attend. You’ll be getting my spare change on a regular basis for this one!

  4. Annie Says:

    Well, it looks like just us then Cathy! But I’m totally excited! I am going to start saving my change up too and I’ll keep a journal of how I raise the funds. I adore Jimmy, so doing this in his honour will be tons of fun! Off we go! Yay!!! Even two Jimmy fans can do more than most!