December 10th Fund – Week one!

Posted by Annie on December 17, 2010

Well, with all the excitement this week of receiving the gorgeous, magical Jimmy Page book, how fortunate that it’s time to make my first contribution to the December 10th Fund! With all this happiness in my life, adding to it by giving feels great!

I said that even emptying your wallet of spare change would make a difference, so that’s what I am doing. Let’s see – at the end of this week, I have the princely sum of £4.51 to go in. It doesn’t sound like a lot, and it’s not a big sacrifice for me to give it, but even this amount can do some real good. A quick Google search reveals I could sponsor a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy for a month. Did you realise the expenses of a guide dog are £48,500 from birth to retirement?! Wow. I don’t have that much, but I do have £4.33 a month. Médecins Sans Frontières says that 33p a day provides an emergency dressing kit containing sterile equipment, dressings and bandages to help people affected by conflict in a country like Somalia. Just £3 a month will allow people to see again by providing cataract surgery. See how much can be done with so little? It’s fabulous!!

I can’t wait to see who I am able to help in honour of Jimmy! I said we should spread our joy, so I am taking my own advice. What a fun adventure, and I am supporting the Outside Edge with my monthly giving to Fanfare as well. 2011 is going to be amazing!

Annie x

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5 Responses to “December 10th Fund – Week one!”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Well heck, when you put it that way, I just had to go empty my change purse – especially for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. Dog is love, after all. Embarrassingly, however, this week my change purse yielded a whopping $1.31. But, hey, it’s a start! I’ll put my change once a week into a jam jar and send it along when it reaches a reasonable amount.

  2. Annie Says:

    $1.31 is awesome. Thanks! I had more change this week due to Christmas shopping. I have this tendency to use notes all the time at the tills and then get stuck with a ton of change. I’m going to do that with mine as well, save it up for a month or two and then put it in the MIM account. I appreciate having a partner! I just find this type of thing so much fun to do. It takes your focus off yourself and makes everything happier. : D

  3. Tom Leahy Says:

    I’m in for 10 GBP. Zep 02 was great, and it’s awesome to tie those memories to good worthy causes.

    I love how Jimmy is so excited about the O2 show in his book. “Two minutes to show time” and so on.

  4. Tom Leahy Says:

    Annie — where is the donation button? Or how do I send the money for the Dec 10 Fund? This computer stuff confuses me…

  5. Annie Says:

    Oh that’s awesome of you Tom!! I’m glad you get the concept. I think it is really great to do something in honour of your happy memories and give happiness to others. I’m thrilled to bits you want to donate. I don’t have the donate button up on the site yet. We’ll get it together! I’ll email you as soon as it’s there.

    Oh I agree – Jimmy’s little O2 comments are fun. Gosh he’s so awesome…. I can understand a bit about how he must have felt that night. In those moments before he came out to play I’m sure my heart stopped. And my breathing. The whole universe just stopped completely.