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Posted by Annie on June 6, 2011

superfanI’ve heard this term being used by music fans to describe certain among their number. I’m not entirely sure what criterion are used to gain this status; some labelled “super fans” run websites, write books/articles, go to a lot of concerts, have met musicians, know people who know musicians, own various memorabilia or even write a lot of posts on websites.

Interesting though all the above may be, I’d like to add another definition of super fan to the list, those who are willing to help others in honour of musicians they admire.

I have always found those that are willing to serve a greater good to be truly super. People who meet the needs of others who are struggling are amazing and very deserving of attention. Sadly, they don’t often get it. I’m not sure why. My theory is that we want to feel special and know about the celebrities we admire. Anyone who even appears to be close to them earns the most attention and gets classed as super. On the other hand, people who serve and help others just quietly help. If no one points it out they go unnoticed. I’d like to notice them, and cultivate more of them.

In our society we have a lot of people in desperate need. I am looking for people who want to take their passion for music and musicians and help meet those needs. A large number of these fans could really change things for the better. Now that would make you special to a celebrity (quite apart from the fact that you would be special to those you helped and also feel yourself to be special)! I mean, how would you feel if you found out that people appreciated you so much that they helped someone and made it known that they did it in your honour? If they stood up and said, “I did it for (insert your name here).” I reckon you’d feel wonderful, especially if it was done for no other motive other than as a thanks to you. I guarantee you musicians feel the same. It’s something unique and it takes unique people to do it.

Are you one of those unique people willing to be part of this experiment in creating a new group of super fans? I’ve already found some and I know how super they are – fans who are willing to give to those who have even less. What could be more super than that? In my opinion almost nothing. You can find all their names on my website: Tom, Cynthia, Cathy, Dawn, Kj, Alexandra, Maja, Lucia, Simon, Trev, Jon, Chad… super fans the lot! Plus all the others that have helped at charity events along the way.

Here’s how you can get involved:
1. Get on your music fan websites, FB pages, Twitter and wherever else you go and tell other fans we are here.
2. Sign up to the Fanfare Project, either the one we already have in honour of Jimmy Page, or suggest to us a new one for your favourite musician.
3. Contribute to our book that is going to benefit The Musicians Benevolent Fund.
4. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, give a donation (no matter how small) to the December 10th Fund. We hope to sponsor a guide dog puppy with the money we raise.
5. Send your suggestions to us. We’re excited to have lots of music fans contributing.

Read the details our website:

Let’s add a new and deeply meaningful aspect to the term super fan! It’s not for everybody and many will be incapable of doing it. How about you? Do you have what it takes?

Annie x

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One Response to “Super Fans”

  1. Cathy Says:

    ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead