Pennies from Heaven

Posted by Annie on July 3, 2011

.20 cents a month - give $1 or £1 and make a difference!

.20 cents a month - give $1 or £1 and make a difference!

For the next five months, can you save just .20 cents a month, roughly one penny per day? If you can, and you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, we are asking you to do just that because five months from July 10th, Memories in Music will be making a donation from Led Zeppelin fans to Guide Dogs for the Blind to help give light to someone in darkness. We’d like to say thanks to the band for their amazing concert on that day that raised so much for charity and brought so much happiness to their fans with a tribute of our own. The money we raise will go to Guide Dogs for The Blind as a gift in honour of the band.

One penny a day is not a lot, but they will truly be pennies from heaven for someone who desperately needs a guide dog. It costs £40,000 to train and maintain a guide dog puppy for life, and we can be part of helping with that cost. Can you spare it? Are you willing? Pennies are powerful with a lot of music fans giving them! You won’t miss it. Go on, do something wonderful with your passion for Led Zeppelin’s music and make a real difference to one person in need.

Visit to donate your pennies.

Annie x

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